Deeper Life


SUNDAY Breakfast 10:05 AM | Service 11 am | Call 417-337-2402 before 9:15am for a Ride

 June 11, 2023

 4:00 PM

 3522 Keeter St., Branson, MO 65616

The second Sunday is a Bible study we call Deeper Life. The Bible was written for you, just not to you. It was written to the Hebrews and was meant to help them be a beacon of hope to the world. Funny thing about that, they think differently. The eastern reader is trained to look at things in a different way than someone like you and me in the western world. When we look at this gift from God through the different lens of eastern thought, new insights come alive! Join Pastor Wayne as he walks us through the text and teaches us to “learn what the Rabbi knows so we can do what the Rabbi does so we can be who the Rabbi is." That Rabbi we follow is Jesus!

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