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We’ve put together some information here that anticipates and tries to briefly answer some of the questions you may have prior to visiting our church for the first time. Our services last about one hour. Our band will hit the stage, and you’ll hear a song or two you know, and probably a couple you don’t. You’ll laugh a little as you feel the onslaught of cheesy dad jokes. You will hear a message that is straight from the Bible that applies directly to your life. Don't worry about standing out or not knowing everything because we are also still trying to figure everything out. However, if you have any questions, there’s a connecting place called the Connect Spot available after every service. 

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Gateway Branson is Nacho Mama's Church

Got some serious doubts about Christianity? Even more negative towards the church? Not sure you could fit in, or afraid lightning might strike if you showed up? Join the club. Seriously, Gateway Branson Church is made up of people who once felt very far from God and could never picture themselves as part of a church. So, bring your doubts and questions, wear whatever you want, and please don’t feel like you have to put on a fake smile. At Gateway Branson Church, no perfect people are allowed.

Wanna have some Nachos? Have some questions or thoughts about Gateway Branson? Every second Sunday of the month come and have nachos with some of our pastors and members at our church. Come and see why Gateway Branson is Nacho Mama's Church! Yes, your mom is welcome too. 

Nacho Mama!

Things are a little different here...

Fortunately, God didn’t give us one “right” way to “do” church. Some ways have become ingrained over the years but that doesn’t make them wrong or right; they are just what works for other churches. We want everyone to belong and feel at home here at Gateway Branson so, you may just hear some Skynard when you walk through the doors and you may see a scene from your favorite movie. We want Gateway Branson to feel like your living room. Even the message can be on the big screen. 

We’re a non-denominational church. We do, however, like partnering with other churches to serve our community.

What if I don't believe in god?

We understand. You still belong at Gateway Branson! We're hoping that maybe you're open to exploring faith, and to the idea that maybe there is a God and maybe he's worth knowing.

If you have any questions about all this Jesus stuff check out our explore God page. 

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Family Friendly

No matter your family dynamics, you're welcome at Gateway Branson and we're excited for you to consider being a part of our church family! Our intent is to serve the whole family. During our Inspire service, we have care available for kids in sixth grade and under. Your children will have a blast at our Kids Quest program!


We have all the excuses for not coming covered!