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Are you a newborn? Maybe you’re a toddler contemplating the meaning of life? You could be an adolescent who just wants to enjoy childhood and not be bored by adult stuff. If any of these things describes you, we have you covered! Kids Quest is for kids, just for kids. Where you can explore God at your own pace and learn about so many new things! We welcome any kid from newborn to age 12. If you’re 13, too bad. Besides, you think you’re an adult anyway…

Kids Quest has a lesson just for kids, play time just for kids, snacks just for kids. But don’t worry, mom or dad, there are adults who love to help kids be kids but are screened for the safety and protection of your kid. We even have video cameras in each room with a monitor so you can check on and watch your kid be a kid!

And for moms and dads, Gateway partners with Elevate Branson to offer you access to the only public Sensory Room in Branson. Do you have a child on the autism spectrum or maybe they have trouble focusing? Our Kids Director, Cathy Brown, is also trained to help you understand and learn how to be the best mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/guardian you can be! Just let her know that you’d like to talk. Cathy is available during the week, too. And, even though she’s an adult, kids seem to love her!

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