SUNDAY Breakfast 10:05 AM | Service 11 am | Call 417-337-2402 before 9:15am for a Ride


During the summer months, times and group locations may vary. Please check the events tab and Facebook for updates. 



Movie Night is the first Sunday. We are working through the video series “The Chosen”. The Chosen is an incredible way to get the text of your New Testament to come alive before your eyes. We usually watch one or two episodes and then have a discussion with great questions designed to give us practical ways of applying the lessons we learn to our daily lives. But, every once in a while, Pastor Caleb goes off script and shows another video/movie that is relevant to the season!


The second Sunday is a Bible study we call Deeper Life. The Bible was written for you, just not to you. It was written to the Hebrews and was meant to help them be a beacon of hope to the world. Funny thing about that, they think differently. The eastern reader is trained to look at things in a different way than someone like you and me in the western world. When we look at this gift from God through the different lens of eastern thought, new insights come alive! Join Pastor Wayne as he walks us through the text and teaches us to “learn what the Rabbi knows so we can do what the Rabbi does so we can be who the Rabbi is." That Rabbi we follow is Jesus!


Everyone has a hurt, habit or hang-up that they struggle with. It may be that you had a bad church experience that you can’t get past. Maybe it’s an addiction that you can’t seem to break free of. Could it be that your emotions get the best of you and you tend to lash out but don’t know why? All of these things can be helped and healed through Jesus. Restore is a Bible-based recovery program that uses Godly principles to help us get past our hurts, habits and hang-ups. We meet together for a Bible study and then men and women go to separate areas to listen and support each other as we seek God to help us. Pastor Jason and his wife Donna are the ones who lead this group.


The men’s group is called The Forge. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” We meet on the fourth Sunday while the women meet for The Well. Do you ever want to just talk to a guy about guy stuff? Do you ever want to let your guard down and just be you? Join us for Bible study on relevant topics to help you get sharpened and be the man that God intends you to be. A man who protects the widow, the orphan and the foreigner but can also cry at weddings…if you want to.


The Well is our ladies group at Gateway Branson. We regularly meet on the fourth Sunday and have additional get-togethers from time to time. It is a time of fellowship with other women and men aren't allowed! God sees you, regardless of where you are. God loves you, regardless of what you’ve done or what you’re doing. And just like the story of the Samaritan woman at The Well, we invite you to Come and See this Man who sees you!


If there is a fifth Sunday in the month, everyone is invited to enjoy Pizza and Praise! We turn the Gateways (our band) loose to sing songs to God, for God and about God. It’s an awesome time and you can sing or listen, stand or sit,  join in or watch; whatever you do to praise. There will be a short 10-15 minute devotion from one of our pastors and, at some point, PIZZA! It’s a great time to hang out as a family because we encourage families to worship together.


We want you to get connected in community at Gateway Branson! Your faith journey isn’t something you want to experience alone and we make it easy for you to meet new friends and learn new things. Here’s a list of groups we have and when they meet. Keep looking back here for any new ones that start!

A little information about all of our Sunday groups:

  • Childcare is provided! Your children will have activities and lessons made just for them in a safe place.

  • Van rides are available! Sign up at the Swag Spot during Sunday’s Inspire service.

  • Snacks are always free! We will have a light snack for each meeting; popcorn, nachos, finger food, etc. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions!

  • We meet from 4-6pm. That way you have plenty of time to get ready for your week!

  • There’s no perfect people allowed. No fake needed; be you, be real.

  • It’s a safe place to grow and explore faith. It’s not Vegas but it is a place where you can open up.


At Gateway Branson, we emphasize volunteering. As Pastor Wayne says, “Don’t Sit, Serve”! Serving is a great way to meet new faces, to get involved in a purpose. Each of our serving groups has its own community where they strive to live life together, share needs and lean on each other. If you aren’t volunteering, click the link below to learn more about where you can get plugged in!